madamearnoux (madamearnoux) wrote in bad_service,

Rude bus driver

So there's a line of buses at my stop and I see mine pull up at the very end.

As I'm approaching the door, the driver slams his hand down on the horn and starts jabbing his finger in the direction of the stop. The guy looks flaming pissed.

Okay, I was standing in front of the door, it would've been just as easy to open them and tell me to wait. Being employed by metro transit, I'm assuming he's capable of human speech rather than just grunting and making hand gestures. He didn't have to HONK at me.

More importantly, I've learned the hard way that you NEVER assume the bus at the end of a long line of buses is going to wait until those in front have moved on before pulling up right to the stop.

9 times out of 10, when it comes time to move, that driver will just keep on going.
Tags: public transit
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