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So I ordered my wedding dress online from a store, along with some jewelry, knee highs, and a lace nightie.
It was supposed to be delivered 11/26, but I have an elderly family member who cannot be alone, so on 11/26 I left my house at 5:40pm (no package yet) so I could watch her from 6pm-8am.

I left a note on the door for the Fedex person that says as follows: "FEDEX- I am sorry I cannot be home. please DO NOT leave my package on the porch as this is a high theft area". (high theft which is why I'm sad I cannot put Christmas decorations outside, and on kids smashed pumpkins and Halloween decor everywhere) Also, Fedex says it won't deliver if it is an area where it could be stolen.

At 8pm on the 26th my fiance saw a Fedex sticker on the door and brought it in. When I got home turkey day morning, I was excited that my dress was almost here. As the 27th was a holiday, I knew I would not see it that day.

Today, the 28th, I wait at home all day. I constantly check the tracking and all it ever says is "package data entered the system" until around 7:15pm. It finally says it was delivered to my house at 8:10pm on the 26th. They stop delivering at 8pm, and somehow my fiance saw the sticker on the door BEFORE it even got there. hmm.

I called Fedex right away and the guy on the phone said "It shows your package was delivered at 8:10pm on the 26th". I replied "Well a sticker was left on my door. When you guys leave a stick on my door, doesn't that mean they didn't leave my package there?" He said "Yes". I told him about my note on the door and asked "Is it possible he left the sticker but then decided to just leave it there anyways?" he said "Yes, it is possible."
He got my info and what the contents were of the package. He said someone will call me in about 24 hours.

EDIT*** I just asked my fiance he said it was on the door around 6pm. (not sure why i thought 8) so... somehow the sticker found its way on my door 2 hours and 10 minutes before the delivery guy got there.

***EDIT for UPDATE*** My fiance works 10pm-7am, but got out early and was home by 7am. He saw the box already on our porch. (before I went to bed at midnight, I check the porch once more and nothing was there) So, very thankful that I have my dress safe and sound (and yes I tried it on and it's perfect) BUT even though Fed Ex knows it's a high theft area, they still left it on my porch.
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