Alice B Goode (aballard23) wrote in bad_service,
Alice B Goode

Let me just preface this with..

I didn't complain, and neither did she, because we didn't want to deal with it and were, at that point, sick of waiting for something that should've already been a given.

I went to Dave and Buster's with the ex today intent on having lunch, playing games and spending a good couple of hours there.

However, after playing half of our tokens we decided we were ready to eat. Food was ok, drenched in sauce and not worth complaining over just kinda.. like.. I d'no. Not fantastic as I assumed it would be because I had high expectations, but I got over it.

HOWEVER. We paid. With a 50. The bill was like 48 bucks. The waitress neglected to bring either a receipt, OR THE CHANGE.

I don't care if the change is 25 cents. You just DO NOT DO THAT.

It should be noted that we were actually going to leave a decent tip, never once told her not to bother with the change, or anything of the sort. Generally people assume you're going to bring back their change and receipt, right?

And yes. We should have complained. But that would've soured my whole day. I'd rather complain about it here.
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