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Fridays Fail

This happened a couple weeks ago, but is still crazy.

My sister and I went to the mall one Saturday, and were going to go to Friday's for dinner. When we got there, there was a line, so we decided to wait until later, at 8:45.

We got seated, admittedly between two larger parties, and were handed our menus. We went there fairly frequently, so we both knew what we wanted. So we waited. No one came to our table afterwards.

I looked around, and saw three waiters in the area. Okay, I figured, they're winding down from the dinner rush, no big deal. But by 9:20, no one showed up at our table, even to ask for drinks. It wasn't particularly busy, basically being us and the two other parties. Now, one was clearly a family dinner, and the other was a group of business women. My sister and I were kinda obviously not part of either party, being eighteen (me) and fifteen (her), and carrying bright yellow shopping bags.

We finally walked out, since we had a train to catch.
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