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Big Lots fail

So me and my girlfriend are pretty poor college students (we're scraping pennies to pay tuition alone...) so we wanted a cheap Christmas tree. We have no car and the closest retail store is Big Lots. We go there and the cheapest six footer is $30, so we buy it. The box looks like it's been opened then taped shut, but it was the last one so we risked it. I haul the huge box nearly two miles home in hot Los Angeles weather.

We were going to set it up today.... and we were pretty shocked. The tree was advertised to come with lights. No lights at all. On the instructions there were three pieces to assemble. THERE WERE ONLY TWO PIECES IN THE BOX.

So, this means that:
-someone else bought this tree and returned it for the same reasons
-Big Lots taped it up and put it back on the shelf anyways

Okay, seriously... I know it's just Big Lots so I can't expect much, but really? It ruined our corny Christmas-y plans for this evening since we couldn't return it because the store was closed. And seriously, the fact that they taped it up and resold it disgusts me. Not to mention I get to haul it back there again.

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