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This is my first post in this community. Generally speaking, because I mostly hang out at customers_suck, and you hear a lot of stories from the serviceperson's side, I always try and be very nice and polite when I'm the customer. This usually means people are nice back to me and good service ensues. Erm.. usually.

The last day myself and a few friends went down to the cinema to watch a film. It started at 2:30pm, but we were five minutes late. We figured if we rushed we could still catch the start of the film, because the "coming attractions" are pretty short that early in the day.

We went to enter the cinema to find it........ locked. The lights were on, it was quite obviously open, there was no "we're closed" signs, but we couldn't get in.

We checked the list of films that were on, (its 2:40PM now) There was one other starting at 2:30, and another at 2:10. It SHOULD have been open. A small crowd gathered trying to get into the cinema. A guy with a pallet of popcorn to deliver to the cinema came along, he couldn't get in either.

Annoyed and mystified; we left and had a look around the local game shop, on our way out I saw the popcorn guy, I asked him if he had gotten in, he said yes. So we headed back to the cinema.

It was open this time, so we went up to the front desk to find no staff. On reflection it would have been a better idea to just go in, and watch the film without paying; but we're basically an honest bunch of guys, so I had a look around and found one guy with a stupid looking blonde mohawk in a store room packing boxes. I knocked on the door because I didn't want to enter someone else's storeroom. The guy sees me and comes out to the front desk. The following conversation ensues.

(It's now 2:50pm)
Me: Well, we did want to see "the incredibles", but we couldn't get in. Have we already missed the start of it?
Guy: *glares* ..... Are you trying to be fucking smart with me?
Me: *shocked* What? No I'm not trying to be smart.
Guy: The film started a half hour ago, of course you've missed the fucking start of it.
Me: *annoyed* Well of course I missed the fucking start of it, YOU had the fucking doors locked. How the fuck were we supposed to get in?
Guy: I have fucking work to do, I don't have time to leave the front door open.
Me: We were hoping you wouldn't have had time to put the projector going either, since you're obviously SO busy *gestures to empty cinema* Excuse us for wanting to pay to see the fucking film. We won't take anymore of your fucking precious time. *leaves*

Now I freely admit that I flew off the handle, but I don't treat customers like he does where I work, and I wasn't in the mood to take any shit after driving all the way down to see a film.

I'm gonna call back later and complain to manager or something. I demand blood.
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