Sugar Bunny (bomb_the_cherry) wrote in bad_service,
Sugar Bunny

About a month ago my boyfriend bought me an early Christmas present of an eyeshadow set. It had been £30 but the store it was from had it on offer at half price so he ordered it before the price went back up.

Well, Home Delivery Network left a card saying they'd tried to deliver it. I checked the back of the card and it said that the box was on our 'back porch'. Which is odd, because we don't have a back porch. We have a concrete patio. That isn't covered. Well, it had been thrown over our 7ft fence onto said patio, where it was out in the rain. Luckily it wasn't damaged as it was packaged well, but I was livid so I wrote to the company he bought it from about it (although it was not their fault and I stated that I knew so in my letter), and HDN.

Two days later I got a phone call from a lovely man at the company who could not believe what the delivery driver had done and was apologising profusely, he said "keep the one you've got, and I'll send you another one". He also said that they would pass on their own complaint to HDN because it was "ridiculous behaviour".

I haven't heard back from HDN, but I have since had another package delivered by them treated in the same way. So I will be writing again.

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