Blank (therosewilde) wrote in bad_service,

Yet more fun shopping for my body.

I know I have big feet. I've had big feetall my life. I am now an English size 9 or 10, depending on brand.
Most stores don't stock my size (an average shop usually has lots of everything up to an 8, about 3 or 4 pairs in a 9, and nothing above that.) But it never hurts to ask.
I found some yummy looking high heeled knee-boots, and since the 8s looked quite big, I thought it would be worth a shot.

Me: Excuse me, do you have this in a 9 or 10?
Assistant: I doubt it. We only carry normal sizes.
Me: *blinks, just looks at her-I was that suprised she actually said that*
Her: I'll go look.
Me: Thanks. If you've got anything similar in a 9 with a high-heel, could you bring that too please?
She comes back with 3 pairs in similar styles. I start trying them on. 2, I can't get my feet into. One pinches, but seems like it might be doable.
Her: Wouldn't you prefer something with a smaller heel?
Me: No thanks. I like these. They're just pinching a bit (I thought she was trying to be helpful, because I was wobbling a little.)
Her: We do have flat shoes as well.
Me: I don't like those though. I'm after something with a heel. Thanks anyway.
Her: Well, you are rather tall already.
Me: Excuse me?
Her: You look like you're about 6foot.
Me: I'm 5 foot 10, actually. Why, what does that have to do with my feet?
Her: I just assumed you wouldn't want to be any taller.
Me: Don't assume, because then you embarass yourself when you're wrong.

I just sat down, pulled the boots off, put my own shoes on, and walked.

But how dare she just assume that I must hate dislike being tall? And if a customer makes repeated references to "something with a heel" then doesn't that mean they probably want something with a heel?

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