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First Post...hold on to your butts!

Ok so on black friday...i had a bad day...got yelled at by my boss...someone took my jacket with my keys in it...got pulled over and fined $150...$100 for expired registration (my bad) $50 for improper use of horn (WTF???) and my car towed. So when the cop brings me to the police station, he gives me the # to the place where my car was towed. I call and ask the guy on the other end how much it would cost to get my car that was just towed out of impound. He said $20...so i'm like, 'cool, not bad.'

The next day, i go to the place and the guy ahead of me was Brazilian i think...he had an international drivers license and i guess he had his car towed as well. The man behind the counter was shoving his license back into his face and shouting at him, 'THIS IS NO GOOD! IF I HAD A COP COME OVER HERE HE'D TELL YOU THE SAME THING!' I was like, 'wow'. If i acted like that to a customer where i worked, i'd get fired so fast! I would never act like he did in the first place!

So now its my turn. I give him all the info on the car and he tells me its $130...Wait a second??? i told him that the guy i talked to last night said it was only $20(i was perfectly nice about it). He started raising his voice at me saying that he was the only person there and that he didnt remember. Now i could have had my boyfriend back me up on this because he was with me when i made the call. The guy yelled that it was a manditory $90 towing fee and $20 per calendar day...well thats just freaking fantastic! I told him that he never mentioned anything about that and i told him over the phone that my car was towed! i said he should have mentioned that and it was poor customer service to give misleading information. How the hell was I supposed to know that there was a manditory towing fee? I never had my car towed by the police before??? So he yells louder and heres exactly what he says, "Well theres nothing you can do about it because i have your car and if you want it back then you have to pay me!"

...................I wanted to tear that guy a new asshole.....................

Well, i had to pay the $130...but i swear if i ever see him hurt and bleeding on the side of the road, i will NOT stop and help...
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