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Do it flamboyantly. No exceptions. No excuses.


My friend (M) and I had lunch at Friday's a couple of weeks ago. From the start, the waiter was kind of sucky but not horrible. He brought us the wrong drinks twice before finally getting it right, but whatever. It was kind of hilarious because he would bring us something radically different each time. First it was orange soda and lemonade and then iced tea and Dr. Pepper. We'd ordered Diet Coke and Sprite. He brought out our mozzarella sticks with no sauce but brought the sauce out when asked. He brought out the meals with no problem. Whenever we needed something (refills, ketchup, etc.), he's nowhere to be found. It's not like he was even waiting on other people, only two other tables were being served and none of them were in his section. He's just gone. So we wait until he decides to resurface. He got us our drinks and a random cup of BBQ sauce that we didn't ask for.

He asks if we want dessert, we decline and he says he'll bring out the check. The randomness of this whole encounter is just so weird and awkward that M and I are just looking at each other like wtf is going on? So he brings the bill and it's around $20. Of course, M and I only have $20s on us so even though one of us could just pay the bill and have the other pay them back, we wouldn't have enough for his tip. So when he comes back we give him $40 and ask for him to give us the $20 in change back in fives and ones. He says ok and says something about going to the register to do that. We're a little confused because every time we've needed change, the waiter usually does it right there at the table. M asks if he can just do it there but says that they can't do that and they've never been able to do that.

M and I just look at each other like whatever. We've been going to this Friday's for years. I had my 10th and 15th birthdays here and our group of friends came hear almost every Friday night for two years. They make change. We just figure he doesn't have enough on him and he just said that they don't do that to avoid any problems. So we talk some more while he goes to the register and then realize that it's been awhile and he's still not back with our change. By this time it's gotten a little busier so we figure he probably got caught up with other customers. Apparently we're thinking too highly of him. For the next couple of minutes he'd walk in the general vicinity of our table but completely ignore us when we'd try to get his attention. We'd wave at him, call him name, even asked another waiter to get him for us. Ignoring us one or two times could be a mistake, but 5 times? That deliberate. M wants to avoid any confrontation and just wants to leave but I want our money back.

The next time he walked by our table I had to get up and block his way and ask about our change. He fidgets for a second and then goes "Oh, you wanted change?" Wtf? We gave you $40 on a $20 bill and even had a discussion on how to give us our change back. Yes, we wanted change, dipwad. He pulls money out of his apron pocket ($20 in fives and ones, just like we asked) and says again "I didn't know you guys wanted change." He didn't know that we wanted change, yet gave me the right amount in the right denominations without me mentioning it? Yeah, I don't think so. I just looked at him and said "You really think you deserved a 100% tip?" before he walked off. That was kind of mean and I immediately felt bad about it. We left him a nickel tip.

We asked the hostess for a manager as we were leaving and relayed the whole story to him. He was embarrassed and offered us some gift certificates but we turned them down. I won't say that I'll never go back because I've been going there for over a decade with no problem, but if that guy is still there, I'll avoid him like the plague.

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