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I work in the security department at a local hospital. I was filing some of my old work emails and came across a complaint I sent to my managers in July regarding the Information Desk. Just as a quick note - we've part of a major healthcare network, so whenever we have a tech-related issue, we have to call in to the entire organization's offsite help desk, which then assigns problems to the in-house staff. The email posted below was sent on July 23. "*" indicates in-house IS staff.

The main DVR computer was originally called in for service between 1400 and 1430 on Monday July 21. The problem at that time was that the computer kept rebooting itself and would not stay turned on. I explained to the person on the phone that use of this computer is a "critical business process" for us (the term they use to determine priority) and that we needed it fixed as soon as possible. I was told at that point that someone would be sent over shortly.

I called the help desk several times on Tuesday July 22. The first time was before 8 am; I was told that they were going to "expedite" my request and that the call had been assigned to Emma*. I called Emma* at about 10 am on [supervisor's] suggestion and found out from her voicemail that she was out of the office for the day. I called the help desk back and passed on this information. I was told that the ticket would be given to someone else and that they were passing my ticket to the call coordinator to make sure it was taken care of quickly.

I had [coworker 1] call some time between 13:30 and 13:45. I called at 1500 and at 1545, making sure to emphasize that the computer was necessary to our daily tasks and that it was important to get the computer fixed before the end of the day. ([supervisor], I believe that you also sent your email somewhere around this point).

I passed the ticket number on to [coworker 2]. When I came in Wednesday morning, July 23, the computer was still not running properly. I asked [coworker 3] if he'd heard anything about the computer from [coworker 2] - he reported that [coworker 2] had also called the help desk, but that no one had come down. At this point, I noticed that the screen was completely black. When I checked the tower, I saw that the power button was flashing orange. I tried to re-start the computer and was unable to do so. The computer was called in to IS again.

I was told at this point that the ticket would be given to Emma* and that they were paging her in addition to sending it through the regular queue system. I left Emma* a voicemail to make sure that she heard about the computer.

Amani* reported to the [office] between 9:30 and 9:45 am and removed the computer from the office. It was returned at 10:15 by Tom*. I was told that the motherboard had died - IS took the hard drive out of the old computer and put it into a new computer to fix the problem.

I spoke with Emma* later on. She apologized for how long it took for the computer to get fixed. Apparently, the [off-site] help desk had left our ticket in Emma's* queue, even though I'd told them that she was out. In addition, the ticket was listed as a "Priority 4" when it should've been a "Priority 1" (highest priority).

This has been a very frustrating experience, but I do not think the on-site IS staff are to blame.

TL;DR - off-site IS help desk didn't assign a priority issue to anyone on the first day. On the second day, they assigned it to someone who had the day off and even after being informed of this never reassigned it. By the time the issue was checked out on the third day, the computer had died - all caused by the off-site help desk not communicating with the in-house staff.

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