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Wow, this went kinda long. Sorry.

I was so inspired by her_awesomeness’s post yesterday about her wedding vendor bad_service, I thought I’d post some of my own. I got married almost 3 years ago and at this point all I can do is laugh about it all.

The Dress

1) I found my dress in a boutique for more than I wanted to pay for it, so I wrote down the style and designer and searched for other places that would sell it to me for less. I found a place that beat the boutique’s price AND had a guarantee that if I find it cheaper anywhere else, they’ll match it. They did require a minimum of a $15 deposit to do that. Fine, $15 I can spare. I DID find it cheaper elsewhere and they refused to hold to their “guarantee.” So I told them to keep the $15 and bought it from the cheapest place.

2) The place that ended up selling me the dress ordered it 2 sizes too big, but said they would alter it at no charge. Yay. We had a deal that I would pick it up the Friday before my wedding (we got married on a Sunday) so that we would have at least one day to make any changes. That Thursday the woman calls me that she won’t have it done on time and wants me to pick it up on Sunday. M wedding day!!!! What??? (She ended up finishing it on Saturday after some “persuading” from me –the super stressed bride.)

The Hair

1) A woman my mom referred me to agreed to do my hair for the day. I paid her for a preview appointment. She ended up canceling a couple of days later because she decided she wanted to get married that same weekend too. This was just a minor inconvenience to me and I completely understand that she has a life too, BUT she charged me for something she would never be able to do on the actual day. So that was $60 out the window. She did refer me to a friend of hers though in the same salon.

2) So, I pay another $60 to have yet another preview appointment with the new hair stylist. She spends all of 15 minutes going through with me how I want my hair, blah blah blah. It’s now a couple of weeks before the wedding and she books me and says the salon will call me to confirm the Friday prior to the wedding. Friday comes; no one calls. I call them. I find out that the woman who is to do my hair in 2 days has had a nose job earlier in the week and has cancelled all her appointments. !!!!!!! So I ask them what will happen with my appointment on Sunday. “Oh, we’ll have to reschedule that,” says the girl. Right, you’re going to reschedule my wedding date??? So after much panicked calling the hair stylist with the brand new nose does me the HUGE favor of keeping the appointment. She shows up drugged up out of her mind on pain meds, does not remember at all what we talked about in the preview and ends up doing a completely different style. One I specifically didn’t want because everyone does their hair that way for weddings.

The DJ

He was 30 mins. late and said we told him the wrong time. We gave him an invitation that listed the date and time!!!!
We had chosen very specific music for the processional and gave him the CD with it on there. Instead he played Weak by SWV. For the processional!!!!!!!! WTF kind of song is that for any wedding ceremony??!!!??!!
He kept announcing my husband’s name as Jason. His name is Matt.
We wanted to be introduced to the reception to This Will Be (An Ever Lasting Love) by Natalie Cole. He introduced us to the theme from Rocky.
He refused to allow my parents to make a toast. My mom had to argue with him to get the microphone.
He ran out into the middle of the dance floor with a blow up toy guitar and pretended to be “rocking out” on it. In front of all our guests.

Really, how can you not laugh at all this ridiculousness? Inspite of it all, we had a great time


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