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I am SO happy I found this community..

About 4 months ago my boyfriend and I decided to crack and get some cell phones, we paid $200 for each of our phones and went on a $45/month deal which allowed us free calling anytime/anywhere. Little did we know that Fido is full of cocksucking little bastards who don't know shit.

Fast forward to signing up - we specificially asked if there would be a security deposit if we put both the phones in my boyfriends name - we were told no - fast forward to first months bill..

I open the bill, and my jaw drops. The bill was for $900!!!! As you can imagine.. I choked a little, called my boyfriend and FREAKED. He told me to call Fido and see what they would tell me..

So I call...I get some new person I guess who tells me that my boyfriends credit rating was "BlahBlah" or whatever and we should not have been charged any deposits. I then get disconnected and have to call back, I get some holier than thou guy who proceeds to tell me that the girl before him was going to be fired for giving out the credit rating. He then advises me that infact - ONE - of the deposits was their error but we were still being charged for the second one - I said and I quote "You have to be fucking kidding me. Fine, PUT MY PHONE IN MY NAME". No where did I say "CANCEL OUR SERVICE". So...he puts my phone in my name. Says the $500 was reversed.

Over the next three weeks, we get text message after text message telling us that we owe them $700 still.

I had to call them EVERYDAY for those three weeks, every god damn day.

Here's where it gets good though!

Next months bill arrives - $1200! Not only did they NOT reverse the charges, but they tacked on another $400 in cancellation fees!

During this time, pretty much everytime I called them, I asked to speak to a supervisor - I'll admit I was a pretty sucky customer, but I was fucking PISSED about this not being resolved quickly. And not ONE single Agent would transfer me, I kept getting "Their in meetings" or "Im sorry we aren't authorized to transfer you".

FINALLY...Close to four weeks later, I speak to a supervisor and by this point.. I'm beyond furious and I want some sort of credit or something for the hassle I've had - she offers me free call display and voice mail for ONE month.. on ONE phone. So thats about...$7.

Needless to say, we cancelled our two year contracts, contacted a lawyer and switched to a different cell phone company.


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