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Horrible Service at Elite Bridal in St. Charles

I recently got married a few weeks ago. It was kinda a rushed event (three months to plan) since my husband was getting sent out of town to work for who knows how long. So I looked everywhere that could get me bridesmaid dresses ordered in about two months. I searched wedding websites for the St. Charles area and found a shop nearby called Elite Bridal. I went over there, and I got help right away, even picked out the bride maid dresses. They told me I could get them in in about six weeks, but it was an extra $30 per dress for the rush. I told them no problem, I'll come back and order then in a few days.

So I went back two days later, and ordered the dresses. I asked again about the rush fee, and was now told it was going to be $50 per dress because they had to do a four week rush, since that was the only one I could get. (even thought my wedding was over 7 weeks away...) no big deal, I told them that was fine and ordered the dresses. All my bridesmaids came in that weeks to get fitted and the order got sent out.

Now, four of the girls in my wedding party are skinny and tall. (two of then being my sisters. Alas I didn't inherit that gene lol) When their dresses came in, the bust size was way too big. They double check the order form and say that the dresses were ordered as a size 32 bust, as measured, but they came in a size 36. When asked if they would fix this mistake, they told us no, that we would have to pay $50 to get the dresses taken in. Everyone said no way but my mom. She didn't feel like dealing with fixing them herself and paid them to fix my sister's dresses.
We thought that was the end of it.

Fast forward to the day of the wedding. My younger sister puts her dress on, and the seam of the neckline is screwed up. It's all cinched and looks absolutely horrible. I can't believe they let it leave the shop looking like that. So my mom calls the shop open and yells at them about the problem, and gets told they can't do anything about it. Then I call Elite Bridal and talk to the same girl. I tell then the problems I had about the sizing, and them making us pay for their mistake. She told me that the smallest size those dresses come in is a size 33 bust; they can't get a size 32. So I asked why they ordered a size 36 bust instead, and why they didn't tell us this to being with. She can't answer that, so I ask her about what she can do about my younger sister's dress. She says I can bring the dress in and IF they have time they MIGHT be able to fix it. So my dad takes her up there. They somewhat fix it, but it is still slightly cinched because a thread going through it is pulled really tight. It's so tight my sister can feel it digging into her neck. So we just rip it out ourselves and it looked so much better.

Also, one of the ladies there kept trying to push me to do stuff that I didn't want to do. My wedding theme was fall, and so was the lady's daughter, who got married the year before. She kept telling me I need to do what her daughter did, because her daughter's wedding was just SO beautiful. Like she kept telling me I HAD to have brown tuxedos for the groomsmen, and when I told her I didn't want to, she pulls out a photo of her daughter's wedding and says "Well, MY daughter did it and it looked ABSOLUTELY wonderful." (actually, I thought it looked ugly...)

Now, they were good about the tuxedos. We didn't have a single problem with those, but I think that was because they don't actually do anything with them. A separate company deals with the tuxedos. They were even cool when my husband's shirt came back covered in chocolate icing (I totally had NOTHING to do with that... lol) But the dresses were a completly different story.
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