Hachiko (eyesofbyakugan) wrote in bad_service,

Ummmm, you're embarrassing me, idiot!

My boyfriend, friend, and I recently moved to a new town so that my friend could go to college (he didn't want to go alone and my boyfriend and I were looking to move out). So far, just about every eating out experience has been a major bust, but we live in a college town full of fledgling spoiled brats, so what can I expect?

This one just pissed me off to no end.

Discovering that Subway's five dollar footlong deal was a lifesaver, my boyfriend and I often went to the local sandwich shop. We hadn't ever gotten bad service there, in fact, the night crew was downright amazing and funny for college guys with a part time job.

I order my sub first. I'm fully aware that I have odd tastes, but I've never had a service person comment about it. So I get my tuna sub dressed with lettuce, red onions, and vinegar. Strange combo, but just typing it up makes my mouth water. :3

And the first thing the girl says who's making my sandwich? She overreacts about me wanting tuna, onions, and vinegar on my sub. She comments about how my breath will smell after I eat it, among other things.

At this point, I'm really embarrassed because my boyfriend is right beside me. He made a joke about me being lucky that he can stand it to make the tension lessen, but I just felt annoyed that she wouldn't let my choice of food go.

But for the record, he likes the same kind of sandwich I do. He just can't eat the whole thing because cooked tuna bothers him in large amounts.
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