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I hate 1-800-FLOWERS

Here is a copy of the e-mail I sent to them (1-800-FLOWERS) explaining the situation:

On Tuesday November 18th 2008 it was my sister's birthday. Her husband was overseas on business and she was very lonely so I decided to cheer her up with some birthday wishes from your company. I had to order over the phone as the website did not register her zip code. On the phone, the first thing I asked the agent was will this get there today? She assured me it would and was very helpful. She took down the address, confirmed it was in Ontario and the Postal code and placed the order for product code 2296, saying it would be delivered before 7:00PM.

Later that evening, I called my sister to wish her a happy birthday and asked her if she liked what I had sent her and she said she hadn't recieved anything. I called customer service, pretty upset as she now didn't get that special pick me up I payed for her to have. Someone told me they would check it out and call me back within 15 minutes and we hung up at 8:00PM. I recieved no such call and called back again at 9:30 PM. After being disconnected twice I got numerous apologies and was told they'd take 20% off my order and guarenteed me they would have it there the next day. I said okay for the delivery.

I got a call from my sister on Wednesday saying she was called by the driver who couldn't find her. She gave him directions and he promised to return the next day. I called her this morning, Friday November 21st asking her if she had recieved it and she said she hadn't. I called customer service once more, now in tears over my ruined birthday gift and she again apologized many times. She assured me after putting me on hold that the florist had promised to take care of the delivery herself personally and asserted it would be delivered today.

I called my sister around 7:30 PM and asked her if she had gotten it She said that she hadn't recieved anything all. I called customer service again at 7:40 PM and spoke to someone who said that it had been delivered on the 18th. I told him that it had not and the lady I spoke with earlier in the day confirmed this. Then he told me the reason it hadn't gotten there was because on the original order it said "United States." I then asked him how that was possible when I had told the person Ontario when I ordered. I also pointed out that American postal codes are numerical and do not contain letters so it was impossible to confuse a Canadian one with an American one. He even confirmed to me that it said Ontario. Then he asked me if I would like to cancel. I told him I would call back once I had called my sister and asked her what she would like.

My sister advised me to just get my money back and forget the flowers now that it was ruined anyways. I called back at 7:50 PM to cancel my order. I was told that I couldn't cancel. I asked once more and she said she couldn't cancel it again. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was placed on hold for 20 minutes. When a supervisor got on the phone they told me they couldn't cancel until they got ahold of the florist and that would be any time within the next 72 hours and they would call me back.

I work in customer service and have fully accepted the fact that we're all human and make mistakes. However to be ignored so constantly and recieve half hearted "sorry"s is absolutley infuriating. In addition, my sister did not recieve that gift to make her feel better on her birthday despite the 51 dollars I spent. This is unnacceptable and I want to be fully reimbursed for this order that never arrived and for all the uncaring I have encountered from your company throughout the past 4 days. I expect a prompt response.

- Kathleen ******

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