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A month or two ago, I went to a pretty expensive salon to get my hair dyed - my hair was dyed white-blonde at the moment, and I know how tricky that color can be, so I wanted to go to a good salon to make sure they could handle it. I wanted it to go a sort of dark-blonde; something near my original colour so I wouldn't have to dye my roots so much anymore. I know this is tricky, so I asked when making the appointment (in person) if they thought it could be done; and they said 'yes, absolutely.'

Long story short: I came there, and they died my hair a dark, dark, red-brown. I had to pay 48 euros; so 60 dollars, converted. At the moment they convinced me that it would fade 'within a couple of days!'. It didn't. Basically, I went from this, to this. (I know you probably don't think it's ugly, but it's the complete opposite of what I asked for) I didn't want to go back, I just decided I would never go there again. However, I have a nosy mom who I'd strictly forbidden to call them, (while I was saying this she was on the phone asking the operator for their number) and since she does everything I tell her not to, she went over there with my picture and basically I got a call saying they would fix it for me, for free. Ok, fine, that's a pretty decent thing to do.

Sooooooo, today I come back. I made the appointment on Tuesday, and because I knew they were doing a freebie, I asked the woman behind the desk to make sure what they were willing to do for free - I know it would not be realistic to ask for the most expensive thing, etc etc etc. She assured me I could get a highlight job for free.

I come in though, and after talking to the girl who was going to dye me, (after a long wait - my appointment was at 2:45, I didn't get any help until 3:20) and assuring her she should talk it over with her boss first, (whatever she was going to do, I wasn't planning on paying extra at the end without warning) I get this senior hairdresser coming down on me all condescending; 'You must understand that we won't do the whole highlight job for free. We'll subtract the amount of your failed dyejob from this amount.' Note that 'this amount' is a 105 euros; 132 dollars. I, already a little irked, tell the guy that I wasn't making demands of any kind, and that it will be fine, but that he doesn't have to talk to me in this tone. We agree that I can pay on a bill, and won't have to pay right away.
The girl starts on my hair, something like three hours pass, yada yada yada. My dye gets washed out.

The girl who did my highlights has disappeared, and got some girl who had been working there for three days dry my hair. This girl gave me something like three strokes with the blowdryer, ruffles her hand through my hair and says 'Done!' ... My hair was still wet... and I looked like I'd just gotten out of the shower. I asked, weirded out, 'Um, can you maybe, dry my hair? And make it into a regular model? I have bangs... normally.' I understand that the girl had probably hardly ever touched hair before (that's what it seemed like) but she continued doing a shitty job at my hair, which as it dried, I noticed was completely off.

The blonde dye had been in way too long, and because of this, the highlights, in contrast to the light-brown hair I have now, looked white. Basically, it looks like I'm greying. At the same time, clumps and clumps of hair start falling out, breaking off because of the blonde dye having been in too long.

In short, it looks like complete shit, feels like complete shit, is damaged severely, and I'm standing there with some girl who doesn't know what to do while the normal stylist has run off. This is what it looks like right now. Only less red; that's the light.

I told the girl that I was sorry and that she could stop, went over to the desk where the guy who was being all condescending to me before was standing, and said that I would not pay a fucking cent. For the second time in a row, this salon, which is supposedly one of the best here, destroy my hair, and give me the worst service possible in the meantime. The best they could do for me was look embarassed... and agree that 'this one was one us' - no shit, I was really going to pay you 58 euros/73 dollars FOR FUCKING UP MY HAIR TO THE POINT THAT CLUMPS OF IT ARE FALLING OUT!

*Still pissed off.* Does anyone else notice though, that 'senior' people in stores never, ever take your seriously if you're younger than them? (Or just young?) While you know they would've had it been your mom sitting there. I had to yell before they actually took me seriously.
Sorry for the length. :(
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