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First post here in a long time . . . I've been lucky, I guess

A few weeks ago, I came out to my car after work to discover a flat tire. As it turns out, due to my own lack of checking it, my spare was also bad, so I had the car towed down to Costco Tire Center for a replacement tire.

The guy there told me that it's Nevada State Law that if a car comes in with a flat, they have to replace all four. That really makes no sense to me!! But, since all the tires were getting pretty bald anyway (1/32" tread), and I was already planning on getting them replaced shortly, I went ahead and had him give me all four.

But I was thinking: Why would there be a law like that? Was the guy trying to con me? CostCo has an excellent reputation, so I was wondering if any of you have heard anything like that.

As for the service otherwise, no problems. I was out the door within an hour, four new tires ready to roll. (Still need to replace the spare, though.)

Is there really a law like that, or did the guy try to play me for a sucker?
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