Diana (diana_molloy) wrote in bad_service,

This is more wtf than bad service. Or it's accidental bad service rather than the person was trying ot be rude.

I was shopping in Primark yesterday (those of you who have been inside one, esp. in the evening and to boot this was on Oxford St., will know how mad it gets in there) which is a cheap shop in the UK.

I picked out a few things, spent more than I meant to, you know, the usual. After queueing for an eternity (hey it was busy so no big) I got to pay and the cashier holds up my top and comments how nice it is and I agreed saying it was cute. He then looks at it a little more and at me and says am I sure this will fit, I look bigger than the top. o_O I mumbled that they sized big and it would be fine but he keeps going on about how he doesn't think it will, and I can bring it back for a refund (which it just isn't worth it. The check out till queue is nothing compared to c_s in Primark) and on and on.

I would have thought he had a brain fart moment if he hadn't gone on as long as he did. He was trying to help so he wasn't being a dick but it just threw me at his lack of tact.
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