Gamerboi (gaymerboi) wrote in bad_service,

So this is an update to this post

I STILL have not been able to get thru to my 'assigned' caseworker or whatever they call them - so I still have no clue how this person got linked to my account.  But I checked my account online - it is unlocked, but there is still a note on it.  However, when you click on the note it says that the voluntary foreclosure was canceled per customers request. 

On a related note, since I was linked to a time to Susie Berkins, her name is now being 'skip trace' connected to my name (at least this is how a friends described it to me who used to work in collections), so I started getting tons of creditor calls for Susie from a bunch of different companies. Wow is she in trouble debt wise!

  I was using an out-of-state cell phone number, so that was the last straw to get a local number - and I haven't gotten any calls for Susie since I changed my number so I think it worked! And T-Mobile OFFERED to waive the 'changing number fee' for me too, so that was awesome service!


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