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Shake it up

On Wednesday, I stopped at the McDonalds on High Street to use the bathroom and to grab a drink. I ordered a small chocolate shake. I'm pretty sure that I was overcharged (does $2.73 sound right to you?) but they didn't have the full menu up and I am not a big McDonald's fan.

Anyways, the girl/woman/....person behind the counter put the ice cream in the cup, put in a shot of chocolate syrup, slapped a lid on the whole thing and handed it to me. Without blending it. I watched her do all this and handed the cup back to her, asking if she could mix it, please. She glared at me and... handed me a spoon.

Now my co-workers are telling me to write McDonalds and report her, but I'm not sure I should even bother. I'm not a McDonald's customer normally - I only went there because my other option was Home Depot.

But come on, a spoon??
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