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Upset about my GP and a question...

I've been really frustrated with how unprofessional my General Practitioner has been. Unfortunately, I can't find any new general medicine offices that are accepting patients at the moment (all have at least a 3 month wait.)

From my first visit, I was definitely put off by his demeanor and attitude. For starters, he only used a digital scale fro Wal-Mart to weigh me and asked for my height instead of measuring me. He examined my ears and confirmed that there was excessive damage done to my ear drums that would require getting a referral to an ear, nose and throat specialist for treatment (he even said that ear tube surgery would help with my constant infections.) He said that he would have the referral ready for me ASAP. That was in July. I still don't have that referral and my hearing impairment is just as bad. Awesome.

I also had quite a creepy exchange with him, as follows:

Him: So, do you need a pelvic exam? I can do it for you if you want.
Me: No thanks, I got my annual done at a gynecologist's office.
Him: No, really, I can do one for you if you want, I know how.
Me: No, I've definitely already had one.
Him: Are you sure? I can do one right now!

When I went back a few months later to get treatment for a back sprain, he told me that the only reason this could have happened is because I'm so overweight. Yeah, I know I'm a size 14 which is not the healthiest, but I really don't think that would completely explain the same back injury occurring when I was a size 5. When I told him this, he was just like "...uhhh, but you're overweight! That's why!"

For the question, I really have no idea. Is it normal procedure for a doctor to use a stethoscope on your breast? I know that there is a valve underneath the breast that needs to be checked on, but wouldn't that require lifting someone's breast up? He definitely put the stethoscope right on my breast and cupped the rest of his hand around it. Wouldn't the amount of tissue prevent you from hearing a heartbeat? I've never had a doctor do this before, so I'm just wondering.
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