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Telstra suck (what else is new?)

I moved house recently (as in yesterday), into a house I will be sharing with my brother and his friend. Before yesterday, I hopped onto Telstra's website in order to disconnect our phone line at our previous address. Unfortunately, in Telstra's eyes you must be crazy to want to disconnect your phone line without reconnecting it at another address, so they won't let you do it online. So, I made a note to call them on Monday, and I also made a note to ask them when my husband's mobile contract will expire and how much it would cost to cancel the contract now (yes, we hate Telstra that much). Note: I had asked this question before and couldn't remember when it ended, but I remembered I was told $180 to cancel it then, so I was hoping it would be a bit cheaper now so we could afford to do it.

So, yesterday I settled down on the floor of our previous place after the removalists left and called them. I got a woman named Helen in Melbourne, and I explain to her I'd like to disconnect my phone line. She asks if I will be reconnecting it at another place, I say no. She says oh, I'll give you a number to call then. She reads it out to me, and although I wonder why she can't just transfer me, I thank her and hang up. Dial the number she gave me, and listen to the spiel. Then realise the number she gave me is for Bigpond, their internet service. I don't have an internet service with Bigpond, and never once mentioned the internet in the brief interaction I had with Helen.

Puzzled, I called the original number and spoke to Craig in Melbourne. I told him exactly the same thing I told Helen, and he seemed able to deal with it. I told him I'd like it disconnected in 3 days time, and he said he could do that. However, after he said that, he chuckled, and in a low voice (as in, one you'd use to talk to a colleague so the customer doesn't hear you (although they have a mute button, so it seems weird to me)) "Yeah, I have one right now." I didn't say anything, and then he put me on hold while he did whatever he needed to do.

When he came back, I thanked him for arranging the disconnection, and said I had one more query. It went like this:

Me: Thanks for that, I just have one more query - can I ask when my husband's mobile contract expires with you guys?
Him: Are you looking to disconnect that one?
Me: At the end of the contract, yes.
Him: Ok, let me expires in May 2009.
Me: And how much would it cost if I were to cancel it now?
Him: Oh...good question! I'm not in billing, you see. Let me put you on hold and I'll see if I can find out.
Him: Ok, it would cost $240.
Me: $240? I called in June, and I was told it would cost $180. Why is it higher now?
Him: Well, you have an MRO as well as a plan.
Me: A what?
Him: A mobile repayment option.
Me: Oh, ok...I don't understand why that makes it more expensive.
Him: You have two contracts - a 24 month one, and one for the phone.
-note - here I thought he was talking about our HOME phone, so I got a bit confused -
Me: The phone? I never agreed to a contract with the phone.
Him: But you HAVE to have one in order to be connected to the network. You signed it in May this year.
Me: I never signed anything in May this year. I never even spoke to anyone in May this year.
Him: Well, I don't know what you did, I wasn't there when you bought the phone.
Me: ...Well, I bought the phone in May 2007, not this -
Him: You have two 12 month contracts, one after the other. That's how we do it here.
Me: Please don't interrupt me. I'm sorry but I don't understand why I have two contracts.
Him: You have one for the handset, and one for the plan.
Me: So why didn't the previous consultant see this when I asked how much it would cost to cancel it?
Him: I don't know, I wasn't on the call.
Me: Ok, can I have your supervisor please?
Him: Fine, one moment.

He then put me on hold for ages. It possibly doesn't come across in the script, but he was extremely condescending toward me, and he interrupted me on more than one occasion. He also kept changing what he was saying, so I had no idea what was going on. Finally, his supervisor picked up and his name was Harry. Harry explained the contract thing to me so I understood, and although he didn't apologise for the previous consultant giving me incorrect information, I accepted his explanation. Then this:

Me: Ok, thanks. I'd also like to say that I didn't appreciate Craig's tone or attitude whilst I was talking with him.
Him: Oh, I've had some personal problems with Craig.
Me: ...Um...
Him: He's alright, but he has a few issues.
Me: Right...well...thanks for that
Him: Actually, Craig's pretty good.
Me: Uh -
Him: It must have been a misunderstanding.
Me: No, it wasn't. Craig should be able to explain something to a customer without talking down to them. Anyway, thanks for your help Harry, bye.

W.T.F. Weirdest service from Telstra yet.

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