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Sprint PCS annoyance

Backstory: after seeing Quantum of Solace on Saturday, my fiance and I went into Best Buy. We ended up in the mobile phone section and were playing with the Sprint phones since we're both due for upgrades. I saw that they had the Samsung Rant available in purple, and decided to check an actual Sprint store to see if the purple Rant was available there (might was well buy directly from the source, right?). Went to the Sprint store on Sunday, and the associate was helpful, but didn't know if/when the Sprint stores would be getting the purple Rant in.

This afternoon, during a lull at work, I called Sprint Customer Service to see if they might have an idea when the purple Rant would be available in their stores. It was...a special call.

L: yours truly
SD: Sprint dude (talks in a very flirty tone)

L: Hi, I was wondering if you might know if or when the Samsung Rant will be available in the purple color in the Sprint store.
SD: Can I get your name?
L: Lauren lastname.
SD: Okay Kelly...
L: Um, it's Lauren. L-A-U-R-E-N.
SD: Sorry bout that, Florence. Now you can get the Rant in black and red at Sprint stores.
L: (...Florence? Whatever.) Right, but I'm interested in the purple color. Is it exclusive to Best Buy, or will it be available at Sprint stores at some point?
SD: Why don't you want black or red?
L: ...because I'm interested in the purple color.
SD: Do you have something against black or red phones?
L: ...no, I just don't want one. Do you know if the purple Rant will be available in Sprint stores?
SD: If you want a purple phone, there's the LG Lotus! Florence, you can get it in purple!
L: I don't like the Lotus.
SD: Why not?
L: If I wanted a BlackBerry, I would buy a real one and not a flip phone/BlackBerry hybrid.
SD: But Florence, the Lotus is blahdeblahblahblahsalesspielblahblah.
L: I'm really not interested in the Lotus. Are you able to tell me about the purple Rant's availability in Sprint stores?
SD: Well Florence, I'd say that they'd be available in December.
L: Oh, gr-
SD: But I'd be lying.
L: ...
SD: The truth is, I don't know. But I can get you a sweet deal on-
L: So you don't know if or when it will be available in Sprint stores, correct?
SD: Naw.
L: All right. That's all I needed to know. Thank you. -click-

My boss, who overheard the conversation, was both amused by the call and somewhat horrified that SD couldn't just give me the information I'd repeatedly asked for.

Not earth-shattering bad service, but an annoyance that made for an unnecessarily long phone call.
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