0bazooka0 (0bazooka0) wrote in bad_service,

Seattle Crab Co Suck

Recently my best friend drove through town on his way back to school and stopped by to have dinner with my fiance and I. We recommended the Seattle Crab Co., as it's near our house and we love it.

We get there and it is freezing cold inside. I think it was colder inside than it was out. We sit down and wait for someone to take our drink order. And wait, and wait, and wait, and wait. We waited about 20 minutes before our waitress shows up. This would have been ok if it was packed, but there were only three other tables besides us and plenty of staff. We order a pitcher of beer, three waters and one coffee. Since we had waited so long we placed our order as well. I got a bread bowl meal, my fiance a bucket of mussles and my friend got a fisherman's platter and we all get an order of calamari to share.

She brings out our calamari before any of our drinks. I have never been served an appetizer before my drinks, but with how salty calamari tends to be, we waited another 5 minutes and she finally brought our beer and waters. But no coffee. Our food finally gets served. Now I have eaten there dozens of times and I always get the bread bowl and it has always come with a side salad. Not this time. The oysters my friend was given with his platter were so gross he spit them out onto his bread plate. My fiance's mussles smelled like shit. I'm not joking. They smelled like a big used diaper. Our waitress never came to check up on us or refilled our drinks and I ended up having to go to the kitchen to get someone to ring us up.

I've been there so many times and received great service and food, it will be awhile before I go back.

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