Beat Yourself To Death (leaveyoufordead) wrote in bad_service,
Beat Yourself To Death

A bit of background.

I am a pre-op female to male transgendered person. I still have a more feminine sounding voice then I would like. I have, when changing my name with all my store cards/bank accounts/university departments sent a letter, with a copy of my Deed Poll certificate stating my previous legal name and my new legal name. I would imagine most of these are available, or at least a note about this information, is available on my information with these companies.

I have a ‘club card’ with T’sco, a huge supermarket chain. I changed my name on my account with them in about June, and the woman I spoke to sent me out new cards with my new name on them, and was frankly wonderful about it.
Recently, however, I misplaced my card, and so rang up to have a new one sent out. It was then I realised I hadn’t given T’sco my new address when I moved in August, and could probably kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

And so I called them up, and explained to the gent on the line that I didn’t have my account number, as I’d lost my card. The rest is in script form, as I am lazy.

Me: *wavewave*
TA: Telephone Asshat Advisor

TA: That’s fine ma’am, I can take your name instead.
Me: [easy enough mistake to make on voice alone, but still, uncomfortable moment] I’m a sir. My name is Mr leaveyoufordead.
TA: Okaaaay... Can I speak to your husband, Mrs Leaveyoufordead? I need to speak to the card holder.
Me: I *am* Mr Leaveyoufordead, it is my account. [ ><’’ did you not listen to me?]
TA: [long moment of silence] Is your husband there?
Me: I am Mr Leaveyoufordead. I do not have a husband. I am transgendered.
TA: [another long silence. I can almost hear the cogs turning]
Me: I know you have to verify card holder details to prevent identity fraud, but I am Mr Leaveyoufordead. Is there any information on my account that confirms my previous name was Miss Somethingorother?
TA: I can’t release that data with anyone but the card holder.
Me: Okay. Can I speak to a supervisor?
TA: Nononononononono!!!!!1!!one! I’ll do it, Mr Leaveyoufordead. What can I help you with today?
Me: [okay, you really don’t want to let me speak to someone else... what have you messed up before?] I need to change my address. The one on record should be 123 Somewhere Street, with such-and-such postcode.
TA: That’s the address I have on file.
Me: Great. Well, my new address is: 321 Otherplace Street, with blah-de-blah postcode.
TA: Blah-de-blah?
Me: Yes, that’s right. Could I have a new club card sent to that address?
TA: I’ve sent that out now, Mrs leaveyoufordead, thank you for your call! *click*
Me: Okaaaaaay- [ I wish I had got his name. But at least that should be done now...]

That was, until today. As I say, I called them a while ago and was wondering about the progress of my cards. I was also expecting my vouchers, which T’sco are meant to send out every quarter to their club card members. But I hadn’t received anything yet, and had to make some calls anyway, so choose to ring them again.

Me: Same again.
OTA: Other Telephone Asshat Assistant

Me: Hi there. I don’t have an account number, but a few weeks ago I called to get a new club card sent out and change my address. My name is Mr Leaveyoufordead.
OTA: Alright... can you give me your address?
Me: 321 Otherplace Street, blah-de-blah postcode
OTA: Erm... I haven’t got you in the system at that address.
Me: [Ok, that’s odd] Or I might be down at 123 Somewhere Street, such-and-such postcode
OTA: No, I don’t have you down at that address, either. Do you have anything at all with your account number on?
Me: [WTF is going on here?] Yeah, erm... I might have it in a letter... *runs around the house to find an age-old-letter, apologising for the delay* I think it’s xxxxxxxxxx.
OTA: Okay, Mrs Leaveyoufordead. I have you on the system. But no one has sent out a new card.
Me: I’m Mr leaveyoufordead, there is no Mrs. Can I have a new one sent out?
OTA: Can you confirm your full name and birth date for my please?
Me: [a bit tired of this by now] Yes, it’s Mr Leave You ForDead, My date of birth is XX / xx / XxXx
OTA: Okay. I will get a card sent out to you. It might take a month or two.
Me: Okay. And can you confirm that my address is 321 Otherplace? And that you have my name as MR leaveyoufordead?
OTA: Yes, that is the address. And I will make sure your vouchers are sent to that address.*end spiel*
Me: Great. Thank you for your time.

I still haven’t stopped boggling from talking to them. Did they change my account to Mrs Leaveyoufordead, so they wouldn’t actually find me on the system under Mr? I just don’t know. I appreciate they want to make sure that they’re talking to the right person, but there isn’t actually any real money involved with this scheme. It isn’t as if the superstore cashiers even check the names on the cards either... Still, one more incident like this, and I’ll writing or calling corporate.

Long and short of it:
  No one believes who I say I am, I try to confirm with one Customer Service dude, he tells me he has done what I asked but it turns out he hasn't, to top it all off it looks like they've changed my details without my consent? o.O

I've just checked my online account, which I can't edit the details of, and the account is now in the name of Mr & Mrs Leaveyoufordead. I think I'm calling Corporate.

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