thegreatmouton (thegreatmouton) wrote in bad_service,

Taco Bell Frustration

It's a long day at work (I'm a middle school math teacher), I'm mentally drained and decide to pick up Taco Bell for dinner. We get our food but I keep thinking that we're missing something. I have my husband check our bag before we leave and he says everything is there, so we just head back to home. When we get home, it dawns on me that we didn't get one of our drinks. Not a big deal until we're unpacking the food and realize that we're also down a steak chalupa.

Once again, not a big deal. This stuff happens. I go back to the restaurant (luckily it's only about 5 minutes away). I go in with my receipt and explain that they forgot a few things and the guy argues with me about it in a very "I-am-right-and-you-are-wrong" tone. The conversation is as follows:
(T)aco Bell Jerkface

M: Hi. I just went through the drive-thru about 10 minutes ago. You forgot our drink and a steak baja chalupa.
TB: Are you sure?
M: Ummm...yeah. We checked...
TB: (interrupting me) I know I put the chalupas in the bag.
M: We had two tacos and one chalupa. Maybe you're remembering the tacos?
TB: No. I put the chalupas in there.
M: We ordered only one chalupa. We checked the bag and we didn't get that or our drink.
TB: I know I put them in the bag.

After he said that he just walked off. I guess he mentioned it to the manager, because I could see them talking and then he brought back the rest of my order.

I guess I can understand that they need to watch out for idiots trying to scam them, but when you've screwed up my order, I think it's pretty crappy service to then argue with me about it.
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