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I do not understand why my mom continues to take our dry cleaning to the sanitary cleaners around the corner from our house. We've had many bad experiences, but this one takes the cake. I'm sure we won't be going back after this...except for going back to wreak some havoc.

Previous bad experience ('ve experienced personally) is when I sent in two sweaters, and I swear to you they just tacked on a "Sorry, some stains could not be removed" tag and gave it right back to us. They didn't even TRY. Not to mention the sweaters both smelled like cat pee (though they didn't have pee on them..just the aroma..its a long story) and STILL smelled when I got them back. My mom raised some hell, they took em back, and miraculously they were able to get the stains AND the smell off the sweaters. Wow! See whats happens when you actauly TRY.

My mom dropped off my winter coat there quite a while ago. It was a little dirty, but mostly it was hanging in the closet that houses the cat food all spring, summer, and fall. So it smelled heavily of cat food. She kept forgetting to pick it up, and seeing as it snowed like a foot in about 9 hours this week, I thought I should probably go get it out. I get it, first thing I do is take a big whiff...smelled nice and clean! Yay! So I go home, pleased. The weather warmed up, and the snow melted so I never needed to wear it. I just put it in the my bedroom and went about the rest of my thankgiving break happily. But of course, when I got back to school tonight(and hour and a half away) I notice the damage. It looks as if they took they took a chain saw to the hem. There are all kinds of snags and holes along the bottom hem. 3 holes exactly, 2 big enough for my to put my hand through. I just got this coat last christmas. It has not be used so heavily for the nylon to be ripped. Its not even a cheap coat! Its a Nine West coat! Not even a year old! Of course I noticed this at school, when I'm not gonna be back home for another 3 weeks. Pisses me off....

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