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It's probably not good when a restaurant tacks on 15% gratuity

So my boyfriend's cousin got a bunch of free tickets to a local comedy club, and she invited us and some other folks. There were 9 of us total. It was one of those clubs where you sit down and are served food, and the service was, in my opinion, lousy. The waitress did not do that thing normal waitresses do where they go around the table and say "So what would you like" *uh-huh, write down* "anything else? okay, what would you like?" Actually, she did do that the first time around. The people who wanted drinks ordered drinks and then somebody else ordered an appetizer. "Oh, we're allowed to get food now?" asked somebody else in our party. "Yeah, you can order food now, I just didn't ask because I figured you weren't ready."

This is when she failed to go around the table, instead asking generally "Does anybody want any food?" I was on the far corner of our group, and she had her back to me and totally ignored me. So I did not get to order the cheesecake I wanted.

When she came back, she again asked if anyone wanted anything, but again had her back to me, and my boyfriend had to get her attention for me. She seemed very eager to get out of there and stop serving us. I finally did get my cheesecake, though.

Later she came back to collect finished drinks. We were sitting across from cousin's mother and her boyfriend, and he passed in his drink and so did I. Waitress asked him if he wanted anything else, but again failed to ask me if I wanted anything.

When it came check time, she came around and said "I just split these by table, is that all right?" clearly hoping we'd just acquiesce. I spoke up and said I'd need one split just for me, and so she did that. It again took an effort of getting noticed to get her to take the check back from me after I'd put my debit card in it, and she completely ignored me again with the signed receipt.

The menu warned us that 15% gratuity was automatically tacked on for all parties. The receipt had a space for "Additional tip" and I just laughed. I wonder if automatic 15% gratuity for small parties (I know some places do it for big parties) is a sign that the service is going to be lousy and that people won't tip otherwise so they need to add it in automatically.

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