one track mind like a goldfish. (daydreamrachey) wrote in bad_service,
one track mind like a goldfish.

My converse bring all the boys to the yard..?

Earlier this year I was on a determined search for a pair of knee-high Converse All-Stars. Happily, I found out that they stock them at a shoe store called Journeys, which there are tons of in my area. After visiting about 5 different locations -- none of which even carried them -- I eventually found one that did.

So I walk into the store, pick up a display pair, and ask the male clerk (who was definitely over 20) if they carry them in my size. He gives me a sideways glance and a strange smirk, which I brush off, and runs to the back and comes out with the other shoe to match that one, which just so happen to be the last ones in my size. Awesome! I'm thinking, This is going great! I can't wait to get these puppies on!

I sit down and begin putting on these shoes. There's a zipper on the side, for those who aren't familiar, so you don't have to lace them up every time you put them on. After slipping the first one on, I realize that the zipper is stuck, so I bend over to try and fix it, to no avail. Eventually I look up and tell the guy that I can't get the damn shoe on, and he just shrugs and walks away. After a moment my mom, who's sitting next to me, says "Hey, sit up." and by then I'm pretty pissed about the shoe so I just ignore her and continue on with my struggle.

Pretty soon after that I realized that I wasn't going to get any help so I put the shoes back in the box and gave them to the guy, who smirked at me again and I said, still annoyed "I couldn't get them on. Thanks anyway." and he goes "Yeah, nooo problem." in a really weird tone, but again I was too aggravated to pay any attention.

I walk out of the store and my mom catches up with me and lets me know that not only was this dude LOOKING DOWN MY SHIRT while I was bent over trying to figure out this stupid shoe, but that he also had the nerve to grab one of his male co-workers to stand with him behind a display so they could soak in the amazing view together.

Unfortunately, I was too embarrassed and underage to run back there and give this douche a piece of my mind. Fail on my behalf, but it shouldn't have happened in the first place.

I never did get those shoes.
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