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College DPS suck.

This whole things started a few weeks ago.  I got a parking ticket the third week of October because my parking decal was on the wrong side of my windshield.  It wasn't too humongous of a deal; I was in the wrong and it was only a $25.00 ticket, so I wasn't too upset.  I didn't have any extra money to buy a replacement decal at the time, so I decided to wait until the next week when I had more money, and if I got another ticket, it was alright.

As predicted, I got ticketed again the next week for the same thing, went and paid DPS, and got a new sticker.  Everything was peachy,

I went down to my car only to find they had put a boot on it for outstanding unpaid tickets.  Of course I freaked out, because I paid off the two tickets I had on time and didn't know about any fees, so I went to DPS and asked what was going on.  The lady told me I had three unpaid tickets and the late fees from them totalled to $230.  That's impossible, because I've only had two tickets which I paid on time.  Apparently, I was ticketed three more times because I've been parking on campus overnight with a commuter parking sticker.  There were two problems with this: I was never given the tickets for these charges, and I live on campus, so there's no way they should have me as a commuter in their computer.  I had the same parking sticker as the other residents as well, so I don't know why they were saying I was a commuter.  I didn't have time to argue because I had to go to work, so I paid the $230 just so I could get the boot off of my car.  I called the DPS after I got off and told them I lived on campus and shouldn't have been charged; I didn't even get the tickets!  They put me on hold for about ten minutes so they could contact housing and confirm that I indeed lived on campus.  They were all apologetic, so I told them I was coming in on Monday and I expected a full refund. 

I would have gone immediately, but it takes me an hour to get to school from home, and they would have been closed by the time I got there.  Now I'm broke until Monday, and I need an oil change >>;;;;


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