universal_opera (universal_opera) wrote in bad_service,

wtf coffee shop service.

On Tuesday, my best friend and I went to the coffee shop (which is inside a market) in my dorm building. Wtf-ness ensued. We got to the counter (no one was there, though there were people in the other parts of the store) and waited for a bit before a woman walked up. I ordered a cold, blended coffee drink--which I think would probably be similar to a frappucino, if I had ever gotten to try it.

Me: Hi, I'd like a 16 ounce javalanche.
Her: Okay. To coworker across the room: Which one is sixteen ounces? This one? Wait, I think it's this one...
Male employee: Comes over to counter. No, you're wrong, it's this one.
Me: Actually, the sixteen ounce is the smallest size you have listed for that drink, so it's probably the smallest cup.
Both employees start laughing at each other. The first woman starts preparing my drink behind the counter

At this point, I noticed that they seemed really confused. They went to grab the booklet that shows how to make the drinks and started arguing about it (in Spanish, so I'm not sure exactly what they were saying). Then woman handed me my drink, which looked like a regular latte.

Me: Uh, this isn't what I ordered.
Her: Did you want ice with that?
Me: It's a blended drink, of course it has ice in it.
Her: Here, this is your drink, it's your coffee. Do you want me to put ice in it?
Me: I don't even know what this is, but it's not what I ordered.
Male employee: Uhhh...
Me: I'm sorry, I'm not going to pay for this. How long will the wait be for the new drink?
Male employee: Well, we're not actually employees for the coffee shop, so we don't know how to make the drinks. You can stay and wait for the guy who does work here to come.
Me: Yeah, I'm alright. Thanks anyways.

What I don't get is why they even started humoring my friend and me if they didn't work for the coffee counter. That was pretty WTF to me, and seemed like a waste of milk/coffee.

I decided that I would go get coffee this morning at the library coffee shop, not wanting to press my luck with the employees of the first store.

Me: Hi, what is in the *insert non-english word I can't remember!*-macchiato?
Barista: *mumbles*
Me: Sorry, what's in it?
Barista: It's not for you.
Me: What?
Barista: It's not for you, pick something else.

Seriously, who says that? And why would he assume that I wouldn't like what was in that drink? Sadly, I think I'm going to frequent the Starbucks on campus a bit more often, as the university coffee shops are really starting to frustrate me.

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