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Where I live, EBgames and Best Buy are right next to each other in a mall. Tonight was a midnight release for an expansion to a game I am addicted to. It is illegal to sell a game before midnight of the release date.
I waited 4 hours in line (yay i was # 7 in line) to get my copy at midnight from EBgames.

At 11:09pm, (51 minutes before they can legally sell the game) Best Buy was letting people purchase the game and leave. More than 10 people in line went into EBgames to get a refund and went to purchase at BB instead (c_s as well, but I mention because it's b_s because BB is taking money from EB illegally).
EBgames manager was nice and thanked the ones who stayed and was very happy to hear that people would report BB for it. It is very unfair to people who wait over 4 hours to get a game, when people who walk in,pay,and leave within 10-15minutes.

**(OT, but I was wondering who I report BB to for the early release. anyone know? I contacted "tech support" by email for the game I play, but I doubt thats the right place.)
Tags: butthurt, enough dogpiling yeah?, geeky, internet lawyering, this deer is desiccated, wank
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