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2 WTF services

I seem to attrack strange service.  Here are two from the past week:

1.  We have the world's ugliest bathroom at my house, and recently recieved a little bit of money to fix it up.  We contacted Bath Fitter, an organization that puts a new bathtub over the ugliness, adn will also add a shower head to our bathtub.  We e-mailed them to come over and spend hours trying to get us to buy give us an estimate.  I got an e-mail back about 1:00 yesterday, asking us to give them a list of good times to come by.  Perfectly reasonable.  I was going to wait until 5 to e-mail back, because then my husband would be home and could tell me his schedule for next week.  At 3:00 I get this call:

T: This is Tequilla (yes, her name is Tequilla, it was in the e-mail, too) from Bath Fitter.  Since you didn't respond to our e-mail I have to call you and ask if you're still interested. 
Me:  Yes, we're still interested, but I was waiting until my husband got home so I could get his schedule.
T: Well, do you want an in home estimate?
Me:  Yes, we do.  Can I call you back --
T (interrupting):  When can we send a representative to your house?
Me:  Well, at this point, I guess a Wednesday morning would be good, or a Monday or Friday night.
T:  I'll put you down for Friday morning at 8.
Me:  Um...I said Wednesday morning.  Friday at 8 wouldn't work for us. 
T: (SIGH) How about Saturday at 10 or 12?
Me:  I don't think my husband will be home them.  Do you have any openings next Wednesday?
T:  I can send someone at 4pm on Monday.
Me: (thinking: does this person even listen, or is she just going through the available appointments?)  I could do Monday night after 6 if you have an opening then. 
T:  Ok, I'm putting you down for Monday at 5:30.  Have a good night!  ::CLICK::

Luckily, hubby will be home by 5:30, but it was so weird...it was like talking to a brick wall.  Not horrible service, but very very strange. 

2.  This is a Macy's suck/WTF. 

I am large chested.  No two ways around it.  I wear a 34DD.   I'm not lucky, boys don't like them, and they get in the way.  THey also make me look 20 pounds heavier than I am.  It is also damn near impossible to find a bra.  I noticed that Macy's was having a bra sale.  Since they sometimes have my size, I decided to go check it out.  Luckily, I found a minimizer bra which looked comfortable, and was on major sale.  I could get 3 for under $50!  Hooray!  The big problem:  they only had them in black, and I often wear light colored shirts. 

So I go ask the sales person if they have them in any other color (after looking around myself, of course) or if she could tell me if another macy's in the area had them in white or beige or even light pink.  She starts looking it up in the computer and the phone rings.  She answers it (perfectly reasonable) then, without a word, just walks away.  Just leaves.  I am left standing there very confused.  About 30 seconds later, she returns with another lady.  The lady tells her to go clean the dressing rooms, and salesperson #1 goes to do so.  Lady/manager #2 picks up the phone and starts carrying on a personal conversation while I'm standing there.  I look at her, she looks at me, then (without a word!) grabs the bra and other stuff I'm carrying out of my hands and tries to start ringing it up.  I immediately grab harder onto the hangers, creating an awkward tug of war as I explain: "I just had a question, I can wait until you're off the phone..."  She says to the person on the other end "look, I gotta go, someone's got a question", with a sarcastic emphasis on the word question, like it's totally rediculous that anyone would deign to ask her a question. 

After that, she was perfectly nice, and gave me a list of which stores had which colors.  It was just strange that the first salesgirl didn't tell her how she was helping me, that she'd try to ring me up without saying a word or asking me if I'd found everything OK, and that she was so sarcastic to her friend on the phone.  All I wanted was a bra that fits!  And isn't Macy's supposed to have good service?
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