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I had a bit of a...strange experience at my local Friendly's yesterday. (General American-style diner with an emphasis on sundaes, for those who haven't been.) I'm not sure if it's bad service or WTF service, but either way, it made for a rather strange dining experience.

I'm completely addicted to their Mushroom, Swiss, and Bacon Burger. Having just started cutting calories, I decided I'd cut it in half and save the rest for later - but I wasn't sure what to do about the fries. I didn't want the temptation sitting on my plate, but when I scoured the menu for other side options, nothing was listed.

Well, Friendly's always puts a nice big spear pickle on the plate with their sandwiches, and I really enjoy them. I decided I'd just ask for a few extra pickles in lieu of fries. Yum! One pickle is never quite enough.

The server arrived. I ordered my burger. And then...

Me: Can I have a few extra pickles instead of fries?
Her: *staring at me as if I had just sprouted an extra head*
Me: ...
Her: *in a tone that suggests I may have just ordered fried baby seal* ...pickles?
Me: ....
Her: ...pickles are free, sweetie.
Me: Uh...
Her: Would you maybe like some broccoli? Or some mashed potatoes?
Me: Uh, some broccoli sounds good.
Her: *chuckling* Okay, and I'll bring you some extra pickles too.

Now, I'm not someone who generally makes a lot of changes or substitutions in my restaurant orders, so maybe I'm just not well-versed in this sort of thing. But it's not like their menu listed any substitutions for fries; I just picked something else that came on the side of the burger and asked for more of that. To her, it was obviously the most ridiculous thing anyone had ever asked for, but really...was the condescending tone necessary?

(When I got the burger, it had no spear pickle at all, just a tiny stack of about five pickle slices. So, somehow, I get less pickle than usual after asking for extra pickle. Also, the broccoli sucked, but I kind of expected that.)
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