--POP--OPERA-- (pop_opera) wrote in bad_service,

suck from my coworker

My coworker related this story to me and I am horrified!

So she's a freshman in college, either 18 or 19, but looks more about 16. One of her friends had a pregnancy scare, so *Amy went to the local Longs Drugs to pick up a pregnancy test for her friend, since her friend was too embarrassed to get one on her own. Amy goes to Longs and does some other shopping and goes up to check out.

When the cashier notices the pregnancy test on the counter she starts lecturing Amy about how she's much too young to be having sex and that it's God's will that she not have sex before marriage. Amy muttered something about how it wasn't for her, it was for a friend and the cashier kept going on, getting louder and louder about how Amy really needs to stop having sex and she wouldn't worry about pregnancy scares.

Amy said she just left without causing a scene, but I told her she really needs to go back and demand to see a manager and report this behaivor. That is so unacceptable.

I was actually at Longs today and if that cashier was there I was going to purchase a pregnancy test to see what she said and then flat out tell her it's none of her business, but unfortunately she wasn't working today.

*names changed
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