Gamerboi (gaymerboi) wrote in bad_service,

Countrywide, How do I hate thee?

So Countrywide, exactly how is it that you have me listed as living in Washington state, yet owning my condo in Salt Lake City and WORKING in Salt Lake City? Hmmmm… that would be some commute there, at least 12 hours each way. That would be hint #1

Also odd is the fact that 1) I am Single and 2)Gay and 3)Live alone (unless you count my two kitties), yet you have me listed as Married to Susie Berkins* and having 4 kids.

EVEN BETTER, you have me listed as owning an ’89 Mustang when I don’t even have a driver’s license.

And as icing on the cake, because “Susie Berkin” and her mysterious husband (who I can only guess shares my name since I don’t know how else this ended up on my account) and their 4 kids somewhere in Washington state have negative income listed, you are sending MY home loan into foreclosure. Despite the fact that I have 1) NEVER HEARD OF THIS PERSON and 2)NEVER missed a payment and always paid on time. (In fact, I JUST made a payment!)

Yes, Countrywide, you sure are batting 1000.....

*Name changed to protect the stupid

Edit to clarify: I asked about the foreclosure as well, and apparently it was 'voluntary' and set up when 'Susie' called in October. Also, I have to admit I was laughing so hard I was in tears when the rep started 'telling' me about myself when I acted confused about the foreclosure.

Script of the call:

Me: Gaymerboi
R: Poor confused Countrywide rep

Me: Uh, I'm calling because I'm getting calls from the home retention team and my online account is locked and I don't know why.

R: Ok, well....uh, mmm... you are current never missed a payment... I don't know why either. Let me check some more.

*On hold 15 min*

R: Ok, well, this was set up when you called on Oct 10th and voluntarily gave us your credit info and talked about your negative income.

Me: Uh, I've never called.

R: Oh, no, it was 'Susie' who called and gave us this info on your behalf.

Me: Who?

R: Susie Berkins.

Me: Who?

R: You know, Susie Berkins....

Me: No, I don't know who that is. I've never heard of them in my life.

R: Um, ok, let me verify some other info. Do you own an '89 Mustang?

Me: *At this point starting to laugh.* No, I don't have a car and I don't have driver's license.

R: What???? Um..... is your household 6 people (two adults and 4 kids)?

Me: *at this point I am laughing so hard I can hardly answer* No, I'm single

R: Uh, do you have negative income? Because there was a call for voluntary proceedings because of this......

Me: Nooooo.... in fact, I made a payment on FRIDAY!

R: *At this point sounds more confused than me* Well, you'll need to talk to your legal rep who first called you. But I'll send tham an email to tell them to wipe all this from your account.

I've been trying to call my assigned 'Home retention legal rep', but of course she never answers the phone. And Countrywide's call system doesn't let you leave messages.

TLTR: Countrywide insists I agreed to voluntary foreclosure even tho I never called, never missed a payment and am current. They also insist I am married with four kids and a car even tho I am gay, single, with no driver's license.

Update: Now I'm getting MORE collection calls from OTHER COMPANIES FOR THE SAME PERSON! WTF? I checked my credit report and it is all clean. I've had this phone number for 5 years - so it is not something with having a new phone number.
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