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premier bank update

The "official" explanation as it stands at this moment.  After a lengthy talk with a supervisors supervisor.

My original call epxressing my awareness of my late September payment and my intention to double pay in October was in fact noted in my account.  The note read: Customer states sending two months in October.

This is in fact not something they're set up to do, and for me to have sent two payments at once I'd have had to write two checks, POSTDATE the one for October so that it couldn't be cashed, and staple to each check the appropriate stub for the corresponding month. The bank then would have processed the September payment and the October payment would have waited until the proper time. (They say. i doubt this, but it's what they say)
However, they're not set up to just accept a two month payment in one. The customer service agent who said it would be fine did not realize this.

When this notation was reviewed, they tried to call me back (they say. i doubt this as well, but again...) and when they failed to reach me they decided to extend my September billing cycle so that my September payment would not be late, from their perspective completely solving the problem. This change was noted in my account.

My first call from them about this, which was met with an apology, was answered as it was because the agent on the phone did not notice the billing date. The agent who placed the second call did notice the billing date.

So, their excuse at this time is that since they weren't able to do what they had originally said they would do for me, they opted to do something else to solve the problem.....that being septembers payment being stretching out the amount of time i had to pay it. 

In the end, they turned it neatly back on me by saying they had tried to contact me and that if i'd "bothered to answer" my phone it would have been a non issue.

I can't find any calls from them, but I do have a few that came up listed "unknown" and "private" that came while I was at work. I couldn't return the calls because they had numbers configured to remain unavailable. If these calls were Premier Bank, they need to get a number that can be seen and responded to.
So according to them it's still all my fault and i dont get a dime back.

They make themselves ound like saints.
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