Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote in bad_service,

A few stories....

The husband and I were out picking up a few things to winterize the new of the things we wanted to get was a snow shovel. We waited too long last year and everywhere was sold out by the time we went to get one.

What I can't understand is, why the hell every employee we encountered had something negative to say about us buying the damn shovel..hell, some of them even laughed at us.

Snow in November isn't uncommon around here...especially since it was fucking spitting snow yesterday!

It isn't horrible service..just annoying.

So Friday night, my sister wrecked her car...On Saturday I went with her to get the car released so we could have it towed up to our dad's house.

Our grandpa called and had everything set up between the two different companies (we were going with a different one to have it moved). The first company was supposed to be open by 10 so the second company could come get it.

We show up at 10 after one is there. We get on the one is going to be there until 10:30-10:45...ok..that sucks. We had to call the second company and let them know that there was a delay..

The guy finally shows up and lets us in. We pay him (which was twice as much as my sister was quoted the night before...but then again she was too shook up from the wreck to ask about any extra fees) and we go back so she can show him her car.

They had put her car up against a fence and blocked it in with a big deal..or so we thought. Tow truck guy starts pitching a fit and acting like it is our fault that his co-workers blocked Jelly Bean (her car) in. He goes and gets his truck and moves the truck that was blocking the car in, but he bitched about it the entire time.

Then he refuses to tow her car down to the front of the yard so the other company could pick it up. He wants her to get in it and drive it... o_O

Yeah...because driving a car with a punctured radiator and who knows what else wrong with it is a great idea. My sister gets in it and starts it..and I tell her I'll see her down front. I'm sure as hell not getting in it. Not to mention the fact that I'm 36 weeks pregnant and not about to get in it and inhale the fumes and dust from the airbag.

So then the tow truck guy starts up again. "Oh honey, there's nothing wrong. The car won't hurt you. Its perfectly safe. You can get it in it with her". Oh really?

I watch her drive the car down...and it is emitting a funky smell and making all sorts of noises that it shouldn't be making. But it is fixable. Once she parks it for the other company, we start talking about what we need to get to fix it and where to get it.

Tow truck guy comes back and says "You know you can't drive it, right? The radiator was punctured."....uh...we're the ones that told him that. Besides, we weren't talking about driving it. Then he asks how we plan on getting it out of there since we can't drive it...uh...let's see...about 20 minutes ago we told him that another company was on their way to come get it..

Thankfully the second company showed up a few minutes later and we were able to get the hell out of there...

This story is my sister's...her debit card expired on October 31st. That day comes and goes, no new card. She gives it a few new card. She finally calls the bank to find out where her card is.

Banks says that their records show the card has been activated and used several times. My sister tells them that is impossible because she hasn't received it. She asks where they sent it.

Bank sent the card to an apartment she lived in over a year ago. sister is not happy. When she moved, one of the first things she did was change her address. She hasn't had any issues getting her bank statements (or her last debit card as a matter of fact) since she moved. The bank doesn't know why the card was sent there and can't offer any explanation to her...

So now she has to go through the hassle of getting her account fixed and filing for a stolen card....until they reverse the charges, she's broke.

Wow..that got long.
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