Samantha (scarcelythere) wrote in bad_service,

Tim Horton's

Did all Tim Hortons' get rid of their garden veggie sandwich or is it just this one location?

I admit, I haven't had a garden veggie in over a year. The mall where I was at had two fast food joints... A&W and Tim Horton's. Since I didn't feel like a veggie burger, I decided to go to Tim Hortons and get a garden veggie which I haven't had in oh so long! This Timmy's is located in the city where I go to university. Last time I got a garden veggie, I got it in my hometown. Also, I should note, that I didn't have a whole lot of time to get something to eat. I had enough time to buy something, run back to to the bowling alley, and eat it my purchase between boxes. Bowling was running late, and I really wanted something to eat before I went to work.

So I go to Tim Horton's and ask for a garden veggie.
"I'm sorry, we don't have those anymore."
"... ... ... uh... hmm... are there any sandwiches on the menue that could be made vegetarian?"
"I'm sorry, we don't do vegetarian."


I KNOW that this Tim Horton's had a "No Meat" button on their cash register. In the past, I have gotten Bagle B.E.L.T.s with no bacon and their breakfast sandwich with no bacon or sausage. So why couldn't I get a sandwich with no meat on it as well??

I walked away foodless.

I am very unfamiliar with what comes on the other Tim Horton's sandwiches. What I should have done was ask her what was on each of the sandwiches and then ordered the most appetizing-sounding one with no meat... but I was in a hurry... and slightly hungover... so I didn't think of doing that until after the fact.

At my place of employment (Dairy Queen), although we don't have it advertised, there are a lot of items that can be made because we always carry the ingredients. We have a list of 10 or so Blizzard flavors, but we have the ingrediants to make like 30. If someone asks for a caramel chip cheesequake, which hasn't been advertised for quite a long time, we will make it for you. Some of these are on our register... some are not. You have the lettuce, tomato, cucumber, Tim's sauce, and cream cheese... if the option was still on the register... you could of.


The "We don't do vegetarian" comment really ticked me off.

I would have gotten a bagle (like I usually do), but I had had a bagle for breakfast, and I had some more carbs packed away in my bag for work. I ended up eating my snack for lunch... and then getting a crappy tomato and cheese sandwich made for me at work.

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