Jules (icebyrd67) wrote in bad_service,

the fuckin nerve of some people...

okay, this one just made me angry. like really really made me angry. to the point where i needed to go punch a wall/punching bag/run 3 miles to calm down, angry.

I went with my sister, mom, future brother-in-law and his mom jewelry shopping today in Bellaire (the Chinatown part of Houston). (it needs to be pointed out that i am chinese/vietnamese. my family mostly speaks chinese when we are talking amongst ourselves. his brother in law is a white guy.) We were looking for wedding bands and a nice necklace/earring set because in our culture, the groom's family is supposed to gift the bride a jewelry set so that if the marriage doesnt work, the bride isn't left without a means to live.

anyway, we went to the mall in chinatown. the entire day was great. we found a few pieces we liked but we're ready to commit to anything. then we went to the last store...

the store was fairly busy. its a family owned store with the owner, her husband and her son working. every employee was with a customer. so we just started looking. We were over next to the owner. she leaned over and told us if there was anything we wanted to look at, just let her know and she'd pull it out for us. We're talking in chinese mostly because its easier for my mom to understand.

So my sister gets the lady and points out a necklace she thought was pretty and the woman pulls it out was she says "its really expensive. its $2000". my sister looks at it some and decides she really doesn't like it. she asks to see something else and the woman pulls it out and says "its $1500." Keep in mind that she's trying to help two different sets of customers at this point in time. and at no point did we ask the price of any items.

So then the husband comes over and offers to help my group because he was done with his group. his wife yells at him and tells him to mind his own business and that she's taking care of it. (she yelled at him in vietnamese. i'm assuming because she thought we didn't speak it. this is important).

then my brother-in-law, who is dressed in shorts and a t-shirt points out a wedding band that he really likes. as in he's ready to pay for it right now. the woman looks at him (one of those appraising looks where you get looked at up and down) and says "you can't afford that. its platinum." and WALKS OFF.

my group gets angry and starts to leave. the husband notices we're leaving and hurries over to see what's wrong. the wife says very loudly in vietnamese to him "let them go. they're poor and are probably looking to steal something."

and here is where we messed up a little but at this point in time, we're livid. my sister turns around and says very loudly in vietnamese for the entire store to hear "all we did was ask to see that ring. you don't know us and you don't know how much money we make. how dare you assume we're here to rob you?"

needless to say, we are never going back there and neither is anyone in my extended family. and i'm assuming neither will the other customers who overheard the exchange and left just after us.

who the fuck just says that to customers? especially customers who were all but handing you the money for a really expensive piece of merchandise.

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