Jess (duckay) wrote in bad_service,

Two fairly minor bad_service incidents, but happening in such quick succession made me a little more frustrated.

While on my way to class, I realised I a) needed some cash and b) could kind of go some McDonalds, so I thought I'd duck through the drive-thru and get some cashout while I was there. I know it's a bit odd, but what I really felt like was just some fries with mayonnaise on a bun. So, I order it (and apologise for being a PITA), and everything's great.

I get to the next window, though, and I'm told that there was a mistake made with my burger, and they'll need to remake it, so can I just go around to waiting bay?

I do, and when my burger comes out (only a minute or so later), it's a bun with a piece of chicken on it, and that's all. When they do special orders at this McDonalds, they attach a copy of your receipt to it, so I know it was put into the register correctly. Oh well, I go back through and mention at the first window that I received the wrong burger. The ordertaker is weirdly defensive about having put it into the register correctly, and I assure her I know that, and she tells me to go down to the next window.

I do, and this conversation ensues:

Employee: There was no mistake with your burger.
Me: I ordered a bun with mayonnaise, and I received just a bun with chicken.
Employee: No, you ordered a bun with chicken. They made it with mayonnaise, and that's why I told you to go to waiting bay.
Me: I'm very sure I ordered it with mayonnaise. Look, here's my receipt that shows -
Employee: Oh. I thought she just put it into the computer wrong.
Me: Can I get it with just mayonnaise?
Employee: *sighing heavily* You know, chicken is worth more.
Me: ...can I just get what I ordered, please?

She then went and got me the (correct, this time) order, conducting the rest of the order completely silently.

I get that what I ordered was weird and understand that mistakes happen, but surely you don't have to argue with me about what I ordered?

After class, I went clothes shopping with my sister. There was this kind of cool skirt on the sales rack, but the smallest size I could find with a quick sift was about 2 sizes bigger than I usually am. Well, that's fine, I'm not that sold on the skirt, but I figure I'll get that one and just try it on over my jeans (the change rooms were full and I didn't really want to wait to properly try on a skirt I knew wasn't going to fit) to see how it looks.

As I'm slipping it on, a sales assistant walks past, gives me this strange, pitying look and says, "Oh, honey, you'll need the next size up."

It's hard to really get across how she sounded, but it was very off-putting and kind of offensive. I didn't really know what to say in response, so I just pulled up the skirt and zipped it up. Predictably, it's quite large on me (smaller than I thought it would be, but still a size too big, or thereabouts), and she just scoffs and goes, "Oh, well, call me a liar then.", smiles and walks off.

Even though I know she should help people find the right clothes, she could clearly use some help with her attitude, as that really isn't going to get her anywhere. I was only a bit put-off, when all was said and done, but I can easily imagine how talking down to someone like that about their size could be really offensive.
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