Bear (djmedieval) wrote in bad_service,

Why is it that most employees of large companies attempt make me feel like it is my fault when some part of their company screws up?

Pizza Hut uses for their online pizza ordering system. I updated my phone number during logon (I disconnected my landline) and went on my merry way. I ordered a stuffed crust pizza with extra cheese, mushrooms, and half diced tomatoes, plus a 2 liter of Pepsi and an order of breadsticks. I used a coupon, which saved me about $4.

I get the order confirmation, and the pizza listed on the confirmation has pepperoni (wtf?) but no extra cheese (wtf again.) Furthermore, updating your phone number during login apparently doesn't actually do anything, because it didn't include my new phone number with the order I placed. As a third strike, they showed the price with coupon when I placed the order, but they actually charged me full price.

As far as I'm concerned, if a company outsources a service, it is still their responsibility to resolve any issues with the service.

So, I call the local Pizza Hut, explain the situation, and they tell me it is out of their control. I tell them I just want a pizza with extra cheese and no pepperoni, and if possible I'd like a credit for two free toppings or something in the future to make up for the money I got screwed out of. Apparently the phrases "We don't have anything to do with Internet software" and "you should have been more careful when ordering" are big at Pizza Hut. I now wait for my corrected pizza but I think hell will freeze over before they give me my $4 back, even in gesture.

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