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stupid pharmacy sucks

So my family and I have gone to a particular locally-owned pharmacy for YEARS. A couple or three years ago, they decided to be a Rite-Aid pharmacy, but never got the rite aid register system because it doesn't allow them to do a LOT of the things that their customers expect from them. For example, they would have no way of writing in the system that I need sugar-free cough syrups when my script gets faxed in. Or they would have no way of having an alert screen pop up when I get prescribed a medication I'm allergic to, or would have an interaction with another medication.

This pharmacy was GREAT. Offered free delivery, though I never used it, the staff was excellent and the pharmacist was helpful and friendly.

Then one day, my dad goes to pick up his prescriptions that he'd called in for a refill the previous day, and there's a hand-written note on the door that says something along the lines of, "Pharmacy closed permanently, all rx's have been bought out by walgreen's up the street."

Cue lots of angry customers, nay?

So I know I need some rx's refilled but I have a little time, I'm going to look around town and see if I can find another privately owned pharmacy in the area. Well then I get a sinus infection and I need a bunch of meds filled OMGRIGHTNOW. And don't have my own insurance information, because it's not my insurance it's my mom's. So the only place I can go is walgreen's, because they have my insurance info so I don't need to wait for my new cards to come in.

But wait! they haven't actually ported anyone from the old pharmacy into their system yet. So they have this really clunky system of doing so with the customoer standing right there.... 4 windows, 2 open, and a line of people from the pharmacy in the back corner all the way to the front of this (rather large) store.

And the guy I get is a) mis-pronouncing my old pharmacy's name; and b) being REALLY rude about the entire thing. I'm being patient, I understand that this sucks for you but....

what do you mean you don't have my prescriptions? I don't have them, they're transfer prescriptions. Well of course I don't have the paper copy, I gave that to the pharmacist 6 months ago when it was written!

Seriously, it's not my fault that my old pharmacist's dad sold the company in a fit of delerium. Please stop taking it out on me. Also, if you know you're going to have to type in my name and birthdate and address 20+ (actually after last count it was over 30) times, just WRITE THEM DOWN ALREADY!

I was lucky I happened to have a list of my current medications and allergies with me, or it would have gone much much slower.

And also, please don't ask me "how can you be allergic to *some drug*?" Uh, I don't know, because I took it and started having hallucinations which made me try to kill myself because I thought I was a cyborg and I needed to cut out my malfunctioning part and replace it, so they call that an allergic reaction? (I just shrugged, none of his business really.)

And bad_service on the part of the company itself here, but I simply don't see how you can have a system that connects gracie lou freebush's prescriptions to my name. Every time he looked up my name and tried to click on MY prescription for albuterol, it popped up with a confirmation screen with a scan of a hand-written script for albuterol with "graci" somebody's name on it. The guy asked me three times if that was me, and I said "no, I already gave you my name." and eventually pulled out my DL so he'd stop asking. He also told me "well your doctor is Dr. xxx from st joe's" and I said no, I'm not in st joe's system, I'm in the UofM system. But he kept insisting "well the computer says you are graci somebody who lives at *address* and your doctor *so and so* wrote you this prescription (and SHOWS ME THE SCREEN WITH ALL HER INFO!!).

He also tried to refuse to give me my $25 gift card for transferring my prescriptions because it wasn't my choice. I pointed out that it would be my choice whether to stay with that pharmacy or find a new one, and that he had one shot to get it right. He tried to argue with me again and a coworker of his came over, said that EVERY CUSTOMER from our old pharmacy should get their gift card for transferring, and oh BTW this is how you find the prescription that's linked to the person you're trying to find. Here where it says "press F3 for *something I didn't hear* you push F3 and it'll give you *what it said it would*" and poof, he could get my own prescriptions! Too bad she had to show him three more times...

So they say it;ll take half an hour, and I go to find the OTC cough medicines I need and such. I'm on the phone with my mom negotiating how to pay for it and getting the money into my account, not bothering anyone (as there's no one else in the store except the pharmacy line), getting my purchases, and price-shopping on the things they had so I would know whether it was a good deal and such.

Finally it's closer to half an hour and I go to sit by the pharmacy in their waiting area, OFF THE PHONE (not that it has anything to do with the suck, but I wasn't being a crappy customer, for reference), and I'm waiting patiently just watching the fiasco ensue. The line is now as long as I mentioned before (it had only been about 6 people when I first got in it) and the guy I had was being a REAL jerk to everyone who came up to him. Over half the people who came through were customers from my old pharmacy, which had closed maybe a day or two before. And at least a half of them ended up leaving in the middle of the process saying F this I'm going elsewhere, or waiting a few days if they could. A knot of them were clustered in the pharmacy waiting area, and we were discussion what other pharmacies are available (basically, none in the area that does anything besides strictly prescriptions, but if we ALL go to the guy at that one and say hey, you can have this customer base and we'll help spread the word if you will stock diabetes supplies and more OTC stuff, we hope he might do it). So we all decide to go in there in the next couple days and talk to the guy, and they go on their merry.

And I wait and wait and wait for my name to be called.

FINALLY the mostly-competent girl who had helped the guy earlier and who was friendly throughout everything called me up. She gave me a total of $7. What? that's one copay for one med, don't I have three prescriptions? She gives a blank, then confused look, and goes away. TEN MINUTES LATER (yes I was looking at my clock this time, after waiting for over 45 minutes for my "half hour" medications), she comes back with my other two scripts, after standing over the pharmacist's shoulder and basically forcing him to fill them. Two of them literally involved putting a sticker on a box, and he'd already given me one of those, which I had to wait 45 minutes for.

well then they try to tell me I can't pay for my TWO, count them two, OTC med purchases at the pharmacy, I have to pay for my prescriptions here and then go wait in the line up front for my other two items. I told her that I would be paying for my meds here and that is that, because I can only get my money back for one check. And since when can I not pay for my other stuff here? You just let the lady in front of me do it! So she sighed and said that was fine, she'd do it "just this once," and I said yes, just this once because I won't be back here again. Now give me my $25 off.

$80 in meds later, and I still need to get 10 scripts filled this month, but first I need to find out my insurance information and find a pharmacy.

Well, the one girl was nice enough, but the entire experience sucked. I do like the idea of refilling my meds online though, so I may just stick with going to another walgreen's, because the pharmacy-only place (that has expired OTC's on the shelves because they just don't sell there) says the money isn't in the shelf products and won't stock them. I don't know though. I just wanted my amoxicilin so I could go home.
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