lovethatlovage (lovethatlovage) wrote in bad_service,

You get paid to make me touch other people's food?

So, my boyfriend and I went to Taco Bell tonight, there were about 10 cars ahead of us and the was around 20 minutes. We didn't really mind, we expected it to be kind of busy on a Saturday night, we just chatted in the car while we waited.

The girl that took our order was very sharp, I asked for light beans on my burrito and she immediately repeated it back, she gave us very good_serivce.

Then....we get the the second window. Some guy saunters up to the window in street clothes, first bad sign. He grabs a couple bags of food, hands them to us, and says "which one is yours?" My boyfriend being a nice, quiet kind of guy starts to shuffle through the bags to try to figure out which one was our order.

I asked him to please tell us what was in them (I don't think we should be handling other customers food and I couldn't understand why he had no idea what was in the bags), to which he replied.....

"Yeah, I just got on shift and the Mexican that took your order didn't speak English. Yeah, i know, it pisses me off too."

I think he was just trying to shift the blame off of himself, because I looked pretty appalled when asked to literally riffle through other customer's food to find my own, but it was totally unacceptable.

He wasn't dressed properly, he wasn't at all concerned with getting customers the right food and he bashed his co-worker for no good reason.

On top of it, our order was completely wrong and totally cold. Bleh, left a really bad taste in my mouth.

Also, one wtf angle, was that he kept trying to shaft off three drink son us that we didn't order. I think he made them by mistake and didn't want his manager to see (?).

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