Chino (ditzachinoflrt) wrote in bad_service,

i don't know if this is entirely bad service, but it was something that bothered me.

got home from school yesterday and after dinner, went out to meet my boyfriend. before i could go out though i needed to put gas in my car. mom gave me $20 and i was on my way. i went to the full-serve getty station near my house. i pull up behind a car which has already finished gassing up. the attendant is talking to the person and it looks like the customer was signing a credit card slip. so i sit there for several minutes (no more than 2 or 3, but it always seems longer when you're the one waiting lol) i was slightly annoyed because i wanted to go see my boyfriend and i didn't see any reason why the guy couldn't have started the pump for me and finished his conversation, but whatever. that's not so bad. the guy finally comes over to my car and some girl starts talking to him. it's probably his girlfriend or friend or something and as long as he's watching the pump for me, i really don't care.

well i'm sitting there, checking the amount, making sure it's no more than $20. and i happen to catch a glimpse of the attendant ON HIS CELL PHONE. now, if he wants to talk on his cell phone, that's fine but step away from the pumps! It's happened on Long Island before where a cell phone started a fire at a gas station. So, for a gas station attendant to be talking on his cell phone right next to the pump it really freaked me out. I didn't say anything to the guy because my gas was almost filled and he didn't seem to be paying too much attention to me anyway.

like i said, i don't know if it's really bad service, but it did bother me. so thank you for listening.

edit apparently i have been misinformed all along. as several of the commenters pointed out, both snopes and "mythbusters" have proven that it is highly unlikely for the cell phone to cause such problems. but as most of you said, the guy did provide shitty service anyway. so thank you all for the new knowledge. :-)
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