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I'm running out of cable options!

So bear (bare?) with me, this goes back over the years. I just want to come home, watch TV, and not worry about what they're going to do to screw me over again!

1.) Insight: 3 years ago, Insight decided we weren't paying our bills, or they didn't like our check, or something. Sent a guy out twice! to disconnect the cable. Except...when we got him to wait the first time, and called Insight up, we got an "oops! Our bad! You're current". Okay, fine. Fast forward 2 weeks, same thing except the tech doesn't wait. We did love the irony of them mailing us a refund and a "sorry we lost your business note" though. And we'll ignore the fact they lost my modem *after* i returned it, and was a serious fight (and faxing a receipt 4 times) before they dropped the collection calls/letters.

2.) Time Warner: We paid you every month on the dot. So after we leave you for someone cheaper, you decide we were somehow behind a month every time?? Something doesn't compute. I'm still fighting this one, though I think it's about done. That's the perk of on-line banking; I can see where I sent the money!

3.) Oh WOW, how I loathe thee. We've had you for 2 months, and I'm already looking for someone new.
First, our phone wouldn't work the first two weeks. They'd come out and "fix" it, then 30 minutes later, out again. Finally realized they'd given us the wrong modem.

2nd: 1 week after that, they disconnected our cable because the person who owned the house before us moved her service.......except they didn't pay any attention to us activating an account there as well. I had to raise some hell to get an appointment in less than a week for them to come see what the problem was! (Tech was nice when he showed up).

3rd: We have DVR. We were watching our favorite show (supernatural), when the DVR cuts out. Picture gets wonky, no sound, etc. Took *2* phone calls to get a tech to come out, and another 1 to get an appointment in less than 10 days, and finally a 4th who helpfully mentioned we could take it to the office and switch it ourselves! The last tech was really nice, and only because of her, we didn't switch providers. Until tonight...

4th: I married a Browns fan. The universe really does hate them. WOW advertises NFL network. I asked before getting service "Yes! We have the NFL network!" What they did not mention AT ALL was that they do not have the GAMES! So imagine our surprise when right before kickoff, right after everyone piles into the living room, the screen cuts out.

"huh" we wonder. "Maybe the station's down. Maybe it'll come back up."
We wait...finally I call WOW, not thinking it's them, but maybe they'd have an ETA on the station.

Cue 20 minutes to get through the prompts only to hear "We don't carry the games" from an automated voice.

I'm really pissed about that! Yes, I know it's technically not false advertising, but seriously, someone, somewhere could have mentioned that. I doubt most people watch the NFL network for random commentary, they watch it for the games. who else in central ohio can we try? we're not allowed to have any satellite dishes on the house...?
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