Shelly (lilbit6180) wrote in bad_service,

Dunkin Dounuts Suck

Ok this is not that bad of a suck but still annoying..(this is the second time this particular employee has held me up)

I went to the Dunkin Donuts in our Delta Sonic close to my work. I have been there before and they are usally pretty fast unless 1 employee is working there.. We shall call him Turtle man , because he moves at the pace of a turtle!

I ordered 2 breakfast sandwiches, both exactly the same a Med White hot Chocolate and a Med Coffee.. He moves slowly but gets the sandwiches done, I remind him again I also need a med Coffee and a Med White Hot Chocolate , I need a cup carrier also please.. He nods, Then Goes on to the next person..

Me : Hi!
Turtle Man : uhh..

Turtle Man: To next customer - what can I get you..
Me: Um .. Can I please have my drinks I have to get to work
Turtle Man : I got you, it's just the camera is on me and it records how long it takes to get the next customer
Me: Yes, I understand that but can you please just get my drinks I have to get to work..
Turtle Man: ok, Oh I did not charge you for the drinks so I gotta ring that up.
Me: Ok.. Hands more money over..
Turtle man: Is now making the customer behind me her drink..
Me: Can you please just get the drinks..

at this point the lady behind me pops in with " You can finish her order first i'm in no hurry"
I apologize to the lady she says no problem and rolls her eyes at the guy since he is still moving in slow motion..
Turtle man Finally hands me the drinks and my change..I ask him for a carrier, and leave..

So long story short : it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to get a breakfast that should take no longer then 5 min tops..I think next time I go there and see that guy working I'm just going to walk out..
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