Andrea (allywonderland) wrote in bad_service,

Failbar Failture


I'm having ongoing health woes that have eluded diagnosis. Therefore every 2 weeks I've been driving 4 hours each way to see "THE REAL DOCTORS" in Seattle.
Yesterday (election day!) was my lumbar puncture. I had myself pretty convinced I could go do this, I had an epidural with my daughter. We get in there and we get going and as my neurologist is feeling my spine for landmarks he's making me cry just by pushing with his fingers. He kept saying "Just my fingers!" I know it's just your fingers but it still hurts!
To make a long story short 9 needle pokes later and a lot of pain I don't have a successful lumbar puncture because he needs the "extra long needles". And he was "Pretty sure of that" because of my size. Yup, I'm fat, we all know that! I'm working on it! (I've lost 22 pounds!) But damnded it all if he thought I needed to have the extra long needles used it would have been nice if he would have just scheduled me for THAT procedure straight away and saved me a trip.
So I go back Monday to have the lumbar puncture with the "extra long needles" which by law have to be used with x-ray and fluroscope (and they'd better give me a freaking valium). They would have scheduled me to stay overnight and have it tomorrow but I had taken ONE ibuprofen in the car because it is on the short list of things I'm allowed to take for pain right now. Come on! I'm so fat I need extra long needles but 50 mg of ibuprofen is going to make me bleed to death?
(At least I got a free "I Voted" Krispy Kreme. Gotta make that back a little fluffier)
Tags: *medical/pharmacy
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