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What order I eat my food in is my business...

My husband and I were out at a local Village Inn around noon, which is a Perkins-style diner for those you don't know. It was relatively busy, but the service is normally pretty good. Our waitress was late 40s/early 50s. He ordered a sandwich and Chili, and I ordered 2 eggs and toast, with a side of bread pudding. The following conversation ensued...

Waitress: So, do you want the pudding with the meal or after?
Me: You can being it all at once, thanks.

So, the runner brings our food, minus the chili and bread pudding. We remind the runner, and our waitress returns with the chili, no pudding. I finish up my eggs and toast, figuring they just got busy and I'll take the pudding to go.

The waitress returns 5 minutes later with the pudding.

Me: Oh, thanks. I thought you might have forgotten since it got busy.
Waitress: Nope. I didn't want you to eat dessert until you finished the good stuff. *smiles all motherly*
Me: O_o. Uh, ok thanks.

Suffice it to say that I'm in my mid thirties and so is my husband. And it's likely that they ~did~ get busy and she was just trying to be cute. But Jesus, do I really need a waitress to tell me no dessert until I finish my meal???

If I'm old enough to pay taxes, I'm damn well old enough to decide if I want to eat dessert first, or simultaneously with my eggs. This is still America, yes?

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